Co-operation and co-ordination

Grumpy Old Man To Cbdna - Nba - Wasbe - Can You Hear Me?

Some time last year I wrote (another Grumpy Old Man letter) to the Presidents of CBDNA, NBA and WASBE to suggest that they co-operate in providing information on commissions, premieres, audio links, anything of international consequence to help us in our search for good literature. They all wrote back very courteously to say what a great, though not innovative, idea this was, but since their associations were staffed with volunteers, they just did not have the time to invest in developing their sites in this way. I find it very hard to believe that in Europe or USA there is nobody with the passion for wind music and time on their hands to help us build websites which share vital information, especially in this year 2011 when both WASBE and CBDNA have conferences with important premieres.