All Stars are Love Steve Bryant

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Composer Steven Bryant’s new composition, "all stars are love," was premiered by the Colorado Wind Ensemble under the direction of Matthew J. Roeder on Sunday, April 6, at 3:00pm at the Lone Tree Arts Center

. It's the third product to come from the wind ensemble's Commissioning Consortium, whose goal is to develop high-quality pieces that could be played by high school bands. Bryant's "all stars are love" takes its inspiration from a poem by e.e. cummings. "Its base is a song I wrote as a surprise gift to my wife for our wedding four years ago," he said.

Bryant created the original song for piano and soprano, premiered at the composer’s wedding by Hila Plitmann, and her husband Eric Whitacre said that the song would make a really great instrumental work. The song has been considerably reworked with a lot of new material, but the core is still there.