Scored for singers, dancers and wind band

Huge success at city of London festival.

The London Times praised Lindberg´s 45 minute dramatic work that after it´s London Premiére. The London Times wrote: Lindberg´s music had plenty of colours and spunk...the lamentation of Lindberg´s score was memorable indeed.

The piece is Lindberg´s version of Shakespeare´s Romeo and Juliet and there are thirteen soloists and a full orchestra of winds and percussion. The piece received a standing ovation: Lindberg’s score was beautiful...the dancers were very expressive. The male singer sang twice, both times were beautiful, almost haunting, and certainly very moving. The vocal interplay between him and one of the punk ‘devils’ was perfectly timed... a delight...this was a really special evening.

Swedish Wind Ensemble

Share Music Sweden

Helen Karabuda choreographer

Christian Lindberg conductor/trombone

The mythical town of Galamanta - a place like somewhere close to home - is the setting for a story created by the company of musicians and dancers assembled by Share Music Sweden and performed by them to specially developed music and choreography. It is a tale of love, local politics, betrayal and murder, concluding with the song of the town itself as it tries to come to terms with its collective grief.

This event is a centrepiece of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the City of London Festival, presented at the historic heart of its home in the City. This prestigious occasion demonstrates the vital contribution disabled artists can make to the cultural life of any country when given a 'level playing field' - or in this case a level performance platform. Dawn at Galamanta concludes an evening of varied and delightful music-making by some of Sweden's finest performers, both disabled and non-disabled, under the direction of one of the world's great solo artists, Christian Lindberg. The original work, complete with choreography to accompany the music, was first presented in Stockholm's Central Station to a large audience and to a great acclaim, justifying the award it subsequently received. This is its UK première.