Someone told me

It's all happening at the zoo.

Simon and Garfunkel never thought of this zoo:

Bert Appermont  Angelfish
Ferrer Ferran  Tyrannosaurus Rex
Kevin Houben  Lion
Oscar Navarro  Fly
Jan Van Der Roost  Turtle
Luis Serrano Alarcón  Chameleon
Robert W. Smith  Apes
Philip Sparke  Parrot
Victoriano Valencia  Woodworm

Frank de Vuyst writes:


A new commissioning initiative comes to us from Frank de Vuyst of Piles Publications, Madrid. He writes to invite bands and conductors to commission BESTIARUM

Within a few weeks, MUSICA ET ORBI (an association with no profit motive in mind) will release a new commission project, called BESTIARIUM. BESTIARIUM is an original concert suite for symphonic band, bringing together nine of the most prolific and prestigious composers of the international musical scene, who will compose for one and the same piece!

Difficulty of the piece will be grade 4, and the complete suite will have a duration about 40-45 minutes, representing a complete zoo.

The piece will be premiered in March 2013 in South America.

The purpose of Musica et Orbi is bringing together the necessary funds with this project to finance exchange projects of young talented musicians within different continents of the world (which is one of the main purposes of the organization).

Therefore, Musica et Orbi will invite bands from all over the world to join the BESTIARIUM project: all the ensembles who join in, will have the exclusive right to perform the suite, starting this exclusivity period on April 1, 2013 till March 30, 2014. The fee to join is only *250 EURO*. For this amount, you will get a complete set of the piece. Besides, all the names of the participating ensembles and their conductor will appear in the full score.

As the chairman of this project, it’s my hope to bring as many friends as getting performed BESTIARIUM in as many countries as possible. If you are interested in participating in this consortium, please let me know and I will send you more information.