Repertoire By Country

Selective surveys of Wind Music by country.

  • Finnish flag


    A short history of Finnish Wind Music by Kari Laitinen, a Librarian at the Finnish Music Information Centre in Helsinki, first published in the WASBE Newsletter in June 2002

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    This article is far from comprehensive, but covers the period 1926 - 1951, beginning with Spiel by Ernst Toch, including works by Blacher and Schoenberg, and ending with the Hindemith Symphony and the Hartmann Symphony No. 5, recorded on Chandos

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  • Hungarian flag


    Kamillo Lendvay & Frigyes Hidas at Seventy Seven - Hungarian Wind Music Comes Of Age - It is suprising that more of it is not played world-wide

    A Snapshot of Hungarian music by Tim Reynish written for WASBE in 2002

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  • Irish flag


    Irish Wind Band Repertoire

    By Robert O'Brien, an article which first appeared in the Canadian Band Journal.
    Roots - Early Days - Modern Trends - Music for Schools - American Wind Symphony - Repertoire List

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  • Japanese flag


    A brief overview of Japanese Band Repertoire

    Revised July 2012

    Japanese wind band music has looked traditionally towards the USA and UK for inspiration and repertoire. Concerts are full of American and British music, but we in the west have not reciprocated by programming Japanese composers. There are two reasons; a great deal of their music follows American formulaic patterns, while more original music is either not published, difficult to obtain or very expensive. The article is a selection made from discs and conference concerts of music which I would like to programme.

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  • Dutch flag


    Five Dutch Composers - Otterloo - Van Delden -Keuris - Van Beurden - Comitas

    A brief look at some of their music for wind

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  • Norwegian flag


    Wind Music in Norway

    by Jan Magnus Dahle

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  • Spanish flag


    An introduction to Rodrigo's Per la Flor del Lliri Blau and the music of Luis Serrano Alarcon

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  • Swedish flag


    The Wind Band in the History of Swedish Music

    by Leif Jansson

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  • British flag

    United Kingdom

    A survey of British Wind Music in 2 parts

    by Tim Reynish

    British Wind Music pre 1981 - A History of British wind music before 1981 in ten chapters

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    British Wind Music 1981 - 2011 - A personal look at thirty years of repertoire development (updated March 2011 - pdf file)

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  • British flag


    Birthday greetings to Barber - Copland - Krenek - Riegger - Schuller - Schuman

    2010 was a significant birthday date for these six giants of American music, and this is a short introduction to their major works for wind.

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