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British wind Music Before 1981

A History of British wind music before 1981 in ten chapters

Tim Reynish July 24th 2004

..I am sure that our English masters in Musick (either for Vocal or Instrumental Musick are not in Skill and Judgement inferiour to any Foreigners whatsoever... John Playford, in his Introduction to Choice Ayres & Songs, 1681


  1. Chapter 1: The beginnings of wind music - Renaissance & Baroque
  2. Chapter 2: The Classical Harmonie
  3. Chapter 3: Revolution: - liberty, fraternity and equality
  4. Chapter 4: The new technology of the nineteenth century
  5. Chapter 5: Music at Kneller Hall
  6. Chapter 6: The significance of Percy Grainger
  7. Chapter 7: Interlude - Rodney Bashford
  8. Chapter 8: Between the Wars - Donaueschingen
  9. Chapter 9: Wireless Military Band
  10. Chapter 10: Interlude - Rodney Bashford

Download all 10 chapters (pdf file)