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Luis Serrano Alarcon

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Two works by Luis Serrano Alarcón, played here by the Philharmonic Winds of Singapore. Luis was composer of the Premiere of the Month in February, and his Marco Polo; the Cathay Years, will be premiered by the Phil Winds in Singapore on June 26th. Chris, son of Dave, is an outstanding jazz trombonist and composer, and he wrote the exhilarating On the Threshold of Liberty, for the US Army Bands. Two works here by Adam Gorb, Concerto of the Month, Gulda's rock-and-roll Cello Concerto and from the same concert in Singapore, Kenneth Hesketh's new Danceries Set 2. Finally, there is an exciting movement from Flood for Tenor Saxophone by fellow horn-player, David Keefe, now resident in Melbourne.