Programme Notes - Bohemian Revelry

Bohemian Revelry is a tribute to the verve and vigour of the music of the people of the Czech republic, but it is also a celebration of the other meaning of the word, meaning the artistic and social freedom of people without ties or responsibilities, allowing for a party atmosphere whenever and wherever possible, as painted so vividly and memorably in the second act of Puccini's timeless masterpiece La Boheme.

The work lasts fifteen minutes and is in four movements based on well known Czech dances:

Polka: a moderate tempo dance in duple time, but with an unexpectedly violent conclusion.
Furiant: Very fast triple time with a more nostalgic middle section. Eventually the dance fades away lading into a
Sousdeka: A more relaxed dance in 3/4 with a pastoral feel
Scocna: Fast and lively duple time incorporating a hymn like melody drawn from a Czech Christmas carol. Drinks all round at the end!

Any reminiscences of a certain set of dances by a very well known Czech composer should be heard as an act of homage rather than parody or plagiarisation.