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From the Horses' Mouth

Horses' Mouth

From the Horses Mouth is an occasional series where readers can declare their likes and recommendations. This month's comes from James Kull.

He says:

Imagine my surprise when I saw my e-mail pop up on your website! I really do appreciate your time in recommending pieces, and when I get a chance I'm going to dig into those new Gorb pieces. Here are my concert programs for next week, in case you might be interested in some decent easier music. My concert bands are 9th graders, freshmen in high school, who come in with some severe fundamental issues. I think one of the biggest is, since they play so much tutti band garbage in middle school, they can't function as independent musicians. I try to pick literature that makes them play at least some of the time in smaller groups, or independently in a section (i.e. 2nd clarinets different than the firsts). I also try to pick a couple of things they can play expressively without fighting notes and rhythms so much.

"Whew-if you made it this far, here it is:"

1st Period Concert Band

Abracadabra - Frank Ticheli

Mini-Suite - Morton Gould

Procession and Torch Dance - Timothy Broege-in my opinion, the best composer for young bands due to the high level of musical sophistication hidden within easier technical demands.

Snake Charmer - Randall Standridge

3rd Period Concert Band

Pantheon - Michael Sweeney-another great composer for young band!

Royal Coronation Dances - Bob Margolis after Claude Gervaise

Mission: Explore New Worlds - David Brobowitz

Invention for Band - John Tatgenhorst

Wind Ensemble

Wild Nights! - Frank Ticheli

Tails aus dem Voods Viennoise - Bill Connor

Illyrian Dances - Guy Woolfenden

All the best
Jim Kull