Homepage Update - June 2011

Rocking in Singapore with Li-Wei Qin, Philharmonic Winds and the Gulda Cello ConcertoRocking in Singapore with Li-Wei Qin, Philharmonic Winds and the Gulda Cello Concerto

Website new look

First a huge thank you to former student - well, I did not really teach her anything, Jeanette Murphy, my web developer, for transforming my website and many thanks to readers for browsing, and for their comments. In the last month, we attracted over we attracted over 9,200 unique hits, 1379 mb , 75,009 files, 26,078 pages downloaded... wow!

We now have a format which invites input from you.

  • From the Horses Mouth is a monthly feature for anyone to write about repertoire, or I guess anything else
  • The Composer Speaks is for composers who maybe don't have a great publishing contract to let us know about a new work that they feel is important. This month, a fellow horn-player from Australia talks about his Concerto for Tenor Saxophone.

I will try to put links to performances of repertoire mentioned in these pages. Other features which I will try to make regular will be:

  • Composer of the Month
  • CD of the Month
  • Premiere of the Month
  • Concerto of the Month
  • Discovery of the Month

Pompous President

During my short time as President of WASBE, I used to write a monthly column, pontificating about the world of wind music, and I guess my monthly, or nearly monthly, homepage is just another forum for my pompous ramblings. If you are new to this website, maybe you should skip onto more interesting topics; if you are an addict, read on, and try to get a life before June.

CBDNA Conference Concerts - links to Videos

The hugely successful CBDNA Conference took place in March, and we have a link to video webcasts of every concert. Bravo CBDNA, the next step will be to let everyone know that this is happening and available, and also to let your members know about the WASBE Conference. WASBE is upcoming in July, and there will be a daily report on concerts and sessions, available I think to non-members. Would it not be a wonderful step forward in this the thirtieth year of WASBE if everyone actually began to use the web to share news, to share articles and reviews and share music files.


Please send me your news on commissions, on concerts, on tours; it will be uploaded if there is room, if I don't lose it and if it is judged of international interest.

Recent Updates

I am working at revising all of the old files - its going to take most of this year, but already uploaded are the following revised articles:

Lost in Translation

Apologies are due to Dr. Matthew George of The University of St. Thomas Symphonic Wind Ensemble de St. Paul, Minnesota (USA), who writes:

A note about Luis's Duende that I commissioned last year. You mention premiere dates on your website, but actually, the piece has been played many times already. I premiered the work last year with my university group, and I have since done it with the Brazilian Wind Orchestra last summer, my Grand Symphonic Winds, who performed it at the Midwest Clinic this past December, and I just recently did it last month with the National Youth Wind Orchestra of Great Britain. It is indeed a fantastic piece, but I thought I'd let you know that it has already been premiered and performed several times.

Duende received its Spanish premiere last month. This makes me think that sharing such information between all of the various associations would be a huge bonus to our work. More news about Matthew and his commissions and recordings in CD Review

Nellie Murphy!

Please use any articles or other materials from this month's news items or from the archives, merely attributing your use to this website. At the risk of repetition, I have a dream that all of our associations will in time co-operate in sharing material and make my site obsolete. I can then simply pontificate to myself, Jeanette and her cats.

Have a great Summer or Winter,